The Establishment

The Essential Resistance Reading List

I Traced Generations of Feminist History Through A Family Belt Buckle

How (Yes) Cardboard Is Revolutionizing The Latin American Book Industry

Pro-Choice Posters In Chile Spark a Crucial Dialogue

the establishment

Bitch Magazine

Material Acts: Chilean Embroiderers Record Memory Stitch-by-Stitch, The Family Values Issue, Spring 2017. Print & Online.

In “Their Finest,” Women Break Down Barriers with PropagandaThe Facts Issue, Fall 2017. Print & Online.



These Embroiderers Are Stitching A United Declaration of Human Rights Quilt

Feminist Fiber Art Champions Activism and Self-Care

“Star Trek” Has Always Been Political – And The “Discovery” Trailer Promises It Will Continue To Be

“The Little Hours” Takes On Female Pleasure And Relationships With Blasphemous Humor: BUST Review


Ms. Magazine

The Marvel Universe’s #MeToo Moment

Infinite Womanhood and Biological Horror in Annihilation

Subverting Science–and Fighting Sexism–with Girl Power

Pussyhats of the Past: 10 Times Feminist Fiber Art Made History

At Women’s Colleges, the Fight Goes On

These Eight Pro-Choice Posters are Sparking a Dialogue on Abortion in Chile

Making the Impossible Possible


Mortar Magazine

An Interview with Pau

Argot Magazine

On Literature as Prayer in Post Election America


This Traveling Library Hopes to Combat Falling Readership in Chile

I’m A Wellesley Grad, And I Am So Excited About The Inclusive Incoming Class


The Tempest

5 pro-Trump media outlets you need to ditch — and 5 alternatives to start reading like your life depends on it

These Chilean student protests are totally rewriting history

23 incredible goddesses that kicked patriarchy’s ass in mythology

21 signs you’re definitely a Unitarian Universalist

Virtual reality is going to change everything from domestic violence to prison

Chile’s street art sparks the beginning of constitutional change

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the tempest

Counterpoint Magazine

An Ode to Counterpoint and the Power of Storytelling

Light, Metaphor: On the Sciences and Humanities

To Boldly Go

Write Your Own Adventure

Cathedrals in the Forest

Horizon Lines


The Female Gaze

Machismo and Marchas: Gendered Art and Politics in Chile